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At Peaches Training Academy we understand how easy it is to feel like you've been left behind in this fast paced beauty industry. You can be right out of college, feeling a little like you’re losing confidence in what you’ve learned in the last few years due to lack of practice or consistency in carrying out certain treatments, or you’re well established in the industry but feel like you’re falling behind in the latest trends in beauty treatments and techniques.

That's where Peaches comes in, as we have designed accredited courses to enhance your skillset, keeping you up to date and feeling confident with the latest techniques & beauty treatments.

We are proud to deliver award winning expertise through our range of courses offering courses to suit complete beginners, students and courses for the professionals who just need a little refresh, we have a courses that will help you reach new heights in your beauty career, regardless of where you position yourself currently.

These are just a few of the courses we offer. 


Female Intimate Waxing Course

Learn how to carry out the perfect Hollywood & Brazilian wax using hot wax (non-strip) along with the Peaches renowned 5 star techniques. 

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Speed Waxing Courses

Learning how to wax the quicker without faltering on technique or quality will leave more time in your column to fit more clients in, helping you create more revenue for your business.  
Available in both female body waxing & male body waxing courses.

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Brow Design

Learn how to perfectly measure, shape and define brows to suit every face shape and style out there.
You will also learn how to recommend specific brows to suit your client.
Peaches has some real Brow Queens in our salons, some of which are accredited educators that will be sharing their sought after skills with you in our Brow Design Courses.

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